The UnDoctrine of Shit

By The Rev. Dr. Jo Freddie.

Without going into the origins of the Universe or the nature of time as theories on those are covered by 3. & 4

1. Shit happens - We don't know why shit happens.
2. Human nature does not like not knowing why shit happens.
3. Humans invent shit to explain why shit happens.
4. Over time Humans work out new shit as to why some shit happens, this shit at times shows that the shit made up in 3. is wrong.
5. The people that believe the shit in 3. can get very upset by the shit in 4.
6. From time to time shit thought to be from 4. will be found to actually be from 3.

Conventional religion is stuck in 5. Pastafarianism accepts religion as clearly made up shit, so Our Lord noodle invites you to make up new shit and add it to the Holy Text, with the proviso that it is funny shit and does not advocate stuff like stoning those that don't like your shit, killing the first born or taking all the virgins as slaves.